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Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for contacting Diamond Dave’s Desert Wholesale Diamond. 

If you need any service. we are here to help you!

Scottsdale AZ: 480-790-3510
Palm Desert CA: 760-399-7014

Scottsdale AZ: 480-397-2450
Palm Desert CA: 760-568-5722

Our service team is here and dedicated to taking care of you!

Sizing: How can I get my ring sized?

Sizing within the first 6 months is on DAVE!  If you’re local, schedule an appointment with our offices for personalized assistance. If you’re out of town, we can provide a shipping label for resizing. Visit a local jeweler for sizing (avoid any modifications) and experience some resistance over the knuckle.

What does our warranty cover?
  •  All the small diamonds are covered by OUR warranty! The center diamond, is not covered under our insurance.
  • If you hit it, and think it’s moving, come in and we will make sure it’s ok, or put it back in shape if needed.
  • We strongly suggest insuring it on your homeowner’s policy, or with Jewelers Mutual (800) 558-6411. The appraisal provided should be enough to get it covered.
Cleaning and Checking: How often should cleaning and checking be done?
  • If you’re local, should be done by US about every six months. If we see something that needs attention, we will take care of it!
  • If you’re not local, any reputable jeweler should be able to clean and check for loose diamonds.
    • If they find an issue, please contact us and we can arrange to have it shipped here.
    • If someone else works on the ring, it voids our warranty.
  • For cleaning at home…a little Simple Green, diluted with warm water works great. Let it soak for 10 minutes, GENTLY brush with an old, soft bristle toothbrush, rinse and you’re good as new!
How can I clean the ring at home?

Use a mixture of Simple Green diluted with warm water. Soak for 10 minutes, gently brush with an old, soft-bristle toothbrush, rinse, and your ring will look good as new!

What precautions should I take when wearing the ring in the pool or spa?

Rinse it with fresh water after wearing it in a pool or spa. Chlorine on the metal isn’t ideal for the long-term life of your ring.

What happens if my relationship doesn't work out and I want to sell the ring?

Sadly, sometimes love ends in separation. We truly sympathize if this occurs in your relationship. People often reach back as we were honored to be there at the beginning. But because of the nature of what we do: import, build custom, offer at wholesale prices….we are not set up to “buy back” or help you sell your rings if you no longer need them. The best way to sell your rings is via private party. That is, find a venue in which to sell safely to an individual who wants your rings. You have all the paperwork, you purchased at far below the traditional retail mark up and if it’s from Diamond Dave’s Desert Wholesale Diamond, it’s certainly a beautiful piece. If you find yourself wanting to sell the rings, we are sorry. But we aren’t able to help with that endeavor.