Honored to be a part of your big life moments for over 32 years!

At Desert Wholesale Diamond, we are NOT a typical jewelry store…..we don’t do repairs, and we don’t buy used diamonds either…..what we DO is import diamonds directly from overseas, custom make jewelry such as rings, bracelets and earrings and offer them directly to you at amazing true wholesale prices!

So while jewelers do indeed serve their purpose, working with us is like working DIRECTLY with a guy that not only imports the Maserati, and designs the Maserati, but sells it to you at HALF of any other Maserati dealer! But to do all that, that guy wouldn’t be able to repair Chevy’s or wash your car. Desert Wholesale Diamond offers something truly unique….the chance to work with a true DIRECT IMPORTER of diamonds from the top diamond cutting centers of the world, the designer and custom ring builder of some of the most beautiful designs you’ve ever seen, and at prices of up to HALF of the traditional retail price!

A true wholesale office, open by appointment, to serve all of your diamond dreams. And not only do we offer great and affordable prices… we go above and beyond to offer the best possible service to help you enjoy your new diamonds after the purchase!

If a pretty store or dressed up salespeople is where you feel most comfortable, then Desert Wholesale Diamond is probably not the place for you. But if you want an amazing deal on your diamonds and personal one on one service… call us today at 760-568-5722 or email us at or at for a private diamond appointment.

Palm Desert: 73-261 Highway 111 Suite 208

Scottsdale: 14301 N 87th St Suite 305

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