Cultivated (Lab Grown) Diamonds

Never one to deal in fakes (cubic zirconia, synthetic moissanite or others), our Cultivated diamonds are chemically, optically and atomically exactly the same as any mined diamonds. Lab Grown Diamonds are not synthetic, they are REAL diamond, the real thing, born in a lab and not in the ground. That’s literally the ONLY difference…the source of origin.

Our larger lab grown diamonds are certified by independent diamond grading laboratories (on most diamonds ½ carat and larger). The certification process is identical to mined diamond certificates by grading Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat weight.

Some of the great aspects to know about our cultivated loose diamonds, tennis bracelets, earrings and rings:

  • 100% Conflict Free – While our mined diamonds come from “NON CONFLICT” areas, Cultivated are 100% guaranteed ALWAYS assuredly non conflict, to give you that added peace of mind.
  • Sustainable – Without the need for mining with Cultivated diamonds, we avoid disturbing our planet’s ground and so, therefore, do not use significant energy. Lab Grown diamonds leave Mother Nature safe and sound, using renewable solar and wind energy in order to be produced. Our cultivated diamonds leave a much smaller carbon footprint in comparison to that of mined diamonds.
  • Quality – With lab grown diamonds the only difference, chemically and structurally from mined diamonds, is where they are grown. And in fact, most of our diamonds are formed from Type II A carbon. This is the purest form of carbon that forms diamonds. In many cases, they are brighter than traditionally mined diamonds allowing your jewelry to have that extra sparkle.
  • Cost – Affordably brilliant! We offer these high quality cultivated lab grown diamonds at prices that are 30-50% less than traditional mined diamonds. Get the same quality for less or get a larger diamond for the same price you would spend on a mined diamond.

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