Rings, Bracelets And Earrings

At Desert Wholesale Diamond, we MAKE most of the products we have on hand for whatever type of jewelry you want to buy, whether a ring, bracelet or earrings. With ALL items we make for our clients, Diamond Dave Kantor personally hand selects each and every diamond himself to make sure you get the very best! We choose the best combination of color, clarity and cut for each and every diamond we sell! Many times, he designs the piece for each sale, but in the case of earrings, and bracelets (and some rings), we work with some of the very best gold casters in the world, and order the settings in white gold, rose gold, platinum or whatever setting you like.

We’ll help you to match your requirements to the right settings for your ring or another piece of jewelry you wish to buy, but here is some more information to help you make the right decision for you:

  • White Gold – More affordable than platinum, but easier to maintain and bring back to “like new” appearance than Platinum, so when clients want the white look, we normally recommend this over platinum because of the price and durability. This metal consists of pure gold mixed with nickel and silver palladium, most often with a rhodium plating for enhanced shine. This is one of the more popular settings of jewelry to buy right now, and also has great scratch resistance.
  • Platinum – More dense than gold, platinum is heavier and still very durable, but it does show scratches more easily and develops a patina over time.. Because platinum used in jewelry is basically PURE PLATINUM , it is very unlikely to cause any allergic reaction if someone has any allergies to the alloys used in white gold.
  • Rose Gold – Consists of pure gold mixed with copper and silver alloys, helping to strengthen your jewelry and giving the rose color. The copper allows this setting to have a very rose or pink appearance, but also adds durability and makes it perfect for a delicate designed ring.
  • Yellow gold – The classic look of jewelry but not as popular to buy as it was in the 70’s 80’s and early 90’s. Traditionally 14kt, alloys are mixed in with pure 24 karat gold so that it’s durable enough for wear.

We have our own goldsmiths and they hand set each and every diamond for your new piece of sparking jewelry. Our team has decades of diamond experience, so the setting, polish and final finish is always the best it can possibly be for each piece, whether for a ring, bracelet or earrings! By cutting out 4 steps, and being so vertically integrated, we can bring you TOP quality AND save you so much on the jewelry you buy in comparison to most other jewelers around the world.

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