Featured Items

Take a look at some of our amazing deals on diamonds we currently have available for amazingly affordable prices! Our diamonds move through fast.



Certified Loose Diamonds

We stock a LOT of diamonds. But BECAUSE we are such a busy wholesale office, they move through here faster than we can list them. So we always have a nice selection of certified loose diamonds for sale with some great buys available!


Custom Designs

Are you looking for the perfect design of jewelry made exactly how you want it? Well, here at Desert Wholesale Diamond we can provide you with an amazing custom design for your ring, necklace or earrings for a truly excellent price, for a more unique jewelry buying experience.


Rings, Bracelets And Earrings

At Desert Wholesale Diamond, we MAKE most of the products we have on hand for whatever type of jewelry you want to buy, whether a ring, bracelet or earrings. With ALL items we make for our clients, Diamond Dave Kantor personally hand selects each and every diamond himself to make sure you get the very best!


Information About Diamonds

When buying a diamond, an industry rule of thumb is two month’s salary. At Desert Wholesale Diamond we stress purchasing what is comfortable for your budget and you can feel proud presenting.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Cultivated (Lab Grown) Diamonds

Never one to deal in fakes (cubic zirconia, synthetic moissanite or others), our Cultivated diamonds are chemically, optically and atomically exactly the same as any mined diamonds. Lab Grown Diamonds are not synthetic, they are REAL diamond, the real thing, born in a lab and not in the ground.