Custom Designs

Are you looking for the perfect design of jewelry made exactly how you want it? Well, here at Desert Wholesale Diamond we can provide you with an amazing custom design for your ring, necklace or earrings for a truly excellent price, for a more unique jewelry buying experience. As we perform the whole process in-house keeping the overall cost affordable to anyone.

The beauty of a custom design is that we all buy jewelry to look our best, so it’s great to be able to have something that is totally unique and perfect for you, with no features you might not like from a ready-made piece of jewelry.

Got a specific design in mind you would like made into your own custom design or an image of a design you would like to be recreated? Let’s get started:

  1. You will sit down with Diamond Dave himself to discuss your design and have the initial concept art sketched out in detail on paper to start bringing your vision to life.
  2. Your design shall then be replicated in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software by our team to create a full 3D model of your custom design that we can work from. This also allows us to make any necessary small adjustments and add any other smaller details.
  3. CAD model shall then be sent to a 3D printer to be printed in wax or plastic.
  4. This design shall then be created in the setting you want (platinum, white gold, rose gold etc.).
  5. All the diamonds to be included on your finished piece of custom jewelry shall be hand-picked by Diamond Dave himself to ensure you have the best quality diamonds.
  6. The Desert Wholesale Diamond team set, finish and polish all of the chosen diamonds for your custom design.

So that’s how we create your custom designs exactly how you want them, whether for a ring, necklace or earrings, creating the best possible pieces for you helped by our expert knowledge of diamonds and jewelry. And remember, as we do everything in-house, we offer this service to our customers for a truly amazing price.

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