We stock a LOT of diamonds. But BECAUSE we are such a busy wholesale office, they move through here faster than we can list them. So we always have a nice selection of some great buys! But more importantly than THAT, we can source in ANY diamond you like. We will sit with you, teach you the Four C’s of diamond buying and then work with you with our extensive contacts around the world, to bring in a few beautiful choices that meet your demands. While you’re in our offices, we can dial into our private listings of diamonds and find out the wholesale price, right then and there! And don’t worry, you don’t have to buy the diamond sight unseen, we will bring in a few choices for you from which to select… and if one of those isn’t perfect…. then we will find you something else! We have clients from LA, Vegas, AZ, OC, and all the way to NYC! They come to us first for price….and come back, because of the personalized attention we give each and every client!