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 We realize there are a lot of places to buy diamonds:

-High End El Paseo Stores    -The Mall    -LA Diamond Mart    -Mom and Pop Stores    -Pawn Shops

 We are certainly not for everyone. We don’t have chandeliers, salesmen in $3000 suits or fancy stores like the El Paseo stores. We don’t offer financing or low end product like the mall. And LA has lots of product, but what most people don’t know is that the LA Mart is set up for the RETAIL customer. Wholesale is not done there. Mom and Pop stores are nice, but they don’t have the worldwide sources we do, and the pawn shops deal in used jewelry and can’t do custom or find you the exact diamond you want.

While all the above serve their purpose, Desert Wholesale Diamond offers something truly unique….a true wholesale office, open by appointment to serve all your diamond needs. And not only do we offer great prices…we try to offer the best possible service!  Listen to these very happy and satisfied clients!  They left us a great voicemail, which, with their permission, we turned into a radio ad!  We want to make YOU this happy as well!

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We can do everything a retail store does, but at dramatic savings.

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We offer:

  • Diamond Engagement Rings
  • Loose Diamond Replacements
  • Complete Custom ability…we can make that ring you found for a lot less!
  • Diamond Earrings in all sizes and price ranges
  • Diamond fashions from the high end designers, but a fraction of the price
  • Diamond crosses, diamond stars, diamond bracelets
  • Any and all colored gemstones

If a pretty store or dressed up salespeople is where you feel most comfortable, then DWD is probably not for you. But if you want an amazing deal, great service and a relaxed “denim and diamonds” atmosphere…then by all means call us today: 760-568-5722
email us: info@desertwholesalediamond.com
david@desertwholesalediamond.com or
for a private diamond appointment.

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