Diamond Earrings

diamond earrings white We have every clarity and color in diamond earrings available!  And they are always changing over…we sell a LOT of earrings!  We stock a lot, and we can make up ANYTHING you like if we don’t have it…but to get an idea, here are some of our best, wholesale sellers!

All earrings are hand picked by David Kantor (Diamond Dave)!  We don’t let someone overseas pick what they think looks nice….WE DO!  For every pair we have…a minimum of 10 diamonds are rejected!  Our earrings are so nice…many who buy them are wholesalers themselves, and THEY sell them to retailers!  We cut out so many steps and even have our own shop set and finish them.  You will be amazed at the brilliance you can get from us…for a lot less money!